Celebrity Gossip, February 5: Broadchurch star - ‘Don’t concentrate on the negative criticism’

Hot gossip
Hot gossip

Broadchurch star EVE MYLES has said people need to stop concentrating on the negative criticism aimed at the show.

The Welsh actress and Torchwood star has joined the drama in its second series as Claire Ripley, a key witness in an unsolved case.

Audiences and critics have been unimpressed by the new series of the hit ITV detective drama, with some branding it slow and boring and claiming the characters mumble and can’t be heard.

Eve told RadioTimes.com: “You’re going to get different views and different opinions on everything. What makes me slightly unhappy is that some of the negative stuff is being highlighted more than the positives.

“There’s an awful lot of positives out there. We’re having five and a half million people watching on the night - that’s without people watching catch-up or recording. And the feedback from the people who are loving it every week, that’s what I’m really happy about.”

NEIL PATRICK HARRIS has hinted that this year’s Oscars ceremony will be a fun-filled affair.

The How I Met Your Mother star, who will host the event, teased he would poke fun at the nominees as he made a surprise appearance at the Oscars Nominees Luncheon at the Beverly Hilton hotel, reported E! News.

“Some of you are good friends and some of you I just got a chance to meet for the first time, but we are all going to be spending Oscar night together, where everything will be hilarious,” he said.

He then took out a hypnosis spiral from his jacket and pointed it at the nominees and their guests as he pretended to hypnotise them, saying: “Everything will be hilarious.”

ED SHEERAN has recorded a song with RUDIMENTAL.

The Grammy-nominated singer teamed up with the drum and bass quartet - PIERS AGGET, AMIR AMOR, KESI DRYDEN and DJ LOCKSMITH - at a recording session in Los Angeles in 2014, and the track will feature on Rudimental’s upcoming second album.

“We were working in LA and he rocked up to our studio with THE GAME and ELLIE GOULDING. We made four tracks and revisited one this year to give it a Rudimental spin,” DJ Locksmith told The Sun.

The music-maker, whose real name is Leon Rolle, continued: “We’ve known Ed for years. I remember when we first saw him getting noticed by everyone, he gave us one of his tracks to remix and he said it was one of the best remixes he’d ever had.

“We’d never recorded with him before, but we kept the connection and he’s a massive name now. The song is so sick, so insane. We can’t wait to show it to people.”