Chance to win a cake of Eastbourne Bandstand in raffle

Postcard cake
Postcard cake

A giant Eastbourne Bandstand postcard cake, which was given to the Mayor of Eastbourne will be raffled off at Eastbourne Feastival taking place at Princes Park between June 27 and 28.

The cake which is two-and-a-half feet high and three feet wide was commissioned by Oak Furniture Land to celebrate the opening of its first store in Eastbourne and donated to the mayor, Cllr Janet Coles, to help in raising funds for her chosen charity, Care for the Carers.

Oak Furniture Land presented the cake to the mayor as a gesture of thanks when she opened the chain’s first ever store in Eastbourne in May. The furniture chain commissioned cake artist, Christine Jensen to make the cake which is an accurate reproduction of the refurbished Eastbourne Bandstand.

The mayor has chosen to hold a raffle at Eastbourne Feastival in which the cake will be won by one lucky person. For a chance to win it, people can purchase raffle tickets for £1 each, with all proceeds going to the charity, Care for the Carers.

If the cake alone wasn’t fun enough, the tickets will be sold by Disney characters at the food and culture festival. If the winner lives within a five-mile radius of Princes Park, it can be delivered to the winner’s address; otherwise the cake will need to be collected by the winner.

Cllr Coles said, “I was thrilled to receive this absolutely wonderful representation of the Bandstand in the form of a delicious fruit cake, and would like to thank Oak Furniture Land for this kind gesture. With Eastbourne Feastival being a celebration of food and culture from around the globe, it’s the perfect place to display and raffle the cake and I hope it will help to raise a lot of money for ‘Care for the Carers’, a charity which I am passionate about.”

The cake features a hand painted Red Arrow Leader plane, made of cocoa butter, set in the sky above the Bandstand on the postcard. The postcard which depicts Eastbourne Bandstand in front of a backdrop of sea and sky, is sitting in a ‘letters’ holder and reads ‘Wish you were here’.

Made with 12kgs of fondant icing, two-and-a-half kg of marzipan, one kg of modelling chocolate, eight bags of marshmallows and four packets of rice crispies, the cake took a whopping 56 hours to make and it is edible up until the end of September 2015.

Eastbourne Feastival is a two-day event celebrating food, drink, arts, culture and music from around the world. Taking place at Eastbourne’s stunning Green Flag awarded Princes Park, the free weekend-long festival welcomes anyone looking to experience the sights, sounds and smells of the globe, all in one place.

From 11am until 10pm each day, food and drink lovers will be overwhelmed with an abundance of delectable goods on offer. From Spanish, Thai and Greek to Mexican, Eastern European and African, both international and local vendors will be bringing the flavours and tastes of the world to Eastbourne. Added to the mix will be arts and entertainment.

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