Charity man’s upset at cold hearted theft

Charity director Christ Downton was targeted in a theft in Alfriston.
Charity director Christ Downton was targeted in a theft in Alfriston.

THE hard working director of a charity which cares for children suffering from cancer was targeted in a theft whilst working in a charming village.

Chris Downton is a landscape gardener by trade who also leads The Children With Cancer Fund in Polegate with his wife Ursula.

Mr Downton was busy mowing grass at a home in Alfriston on Thursday last week, September 6. But he discovered that his lunchbox had been stolen from underneath his work overalls when he went to his van.

The charity director said that no mowers were taken but the lunchbox contained unique and sentimental items.

He told the Sussex Express: “It was my lunch box which had my filofax including  cards and my petty cash tin.  

“My biggest regret was that my filo fax had some confetti from our wedding 18 years ago in it.

“And worst of all it had my Nan’s Christmas pudding ingredients in there that we use every year for making our family puddings - ever since she passed  away. We are not sure where there is another copy. “

A scene of crime officer dusted the van for fingerprints but there were none that could be used in the investigation, according to Mr Downton.

Mr Downton added: “Apparently an old shape white transit was seen driving away from my van. I would sooner that someone asked me for the money than caused all this hassle. I’m not angry, I just feel sorry for the people that did this, because although I’m a council house kid I know right from wrong and have made a good life from knowing that.”

Wealden Police NPT Jamie Harwood said: “ We had a report of a vehicle broken into in Alfriston between 3 and 4pm  on September 6.  The vehicle which was left insecure was entered by an unknown person and items stolen including paperwork and credit cards.  

“ Wealden police are reminding all vehicle owners to lock their cars and vans, and to remove all valuable items.  Also if you see anyone acting suspiciously please call Sussex Police on 101. If you have any information about this incident ring us on 101 quoting ref 1224  of September 6.”