Charity takes on the ‘Monster Muncher’!

CFC's Simon Rooksby with the Monster Muncher.
CFC's Simon Rooksby with the Monster Muncher.

COMPUTER hard drives beware – Monster Muncher is out to get you!

A new, and quite frankly terrifying computer hard drive shredder, aptly called ‘Monster Muncher’ has been acquired by Computers for Charities (CFC), a charity based in Hailsham.

Simon Rooksby, the head of CFC, said the shredder can operate on or off site, and it reduces metal ‘literally’ to confetti.

Mr Rooksby said: “It’s taken over a year to get to this stage.

“Our particular machine was built and shipped from America, given greater cost options in the UK or within the EU, despite the need for further modifications to ensure full compliance and safety to EU regulations

“One similar machine exists within the UK, operating in the Channel Islands, servicing the off shore banking industry.”

Before the Enemy-of-Hard-Drives arrived, CFC had to dump any redundant drives at a site in Essex for smelting to make sure the security of any donors giving IT equipment was protected, according to Mr Rooksby.

He added: “The Monster Muncher equipment is a boon for our charity, saving time and travel costs whilst the waste metals are fully recycled.

“Individuals, organisations and companies, needless to say, are welcome to utilise our service by dropping off drives, collections or on site shredding for security or quantity.”

Whether you are a home or business user, anxiety rightly exists as to the risks and dangers of handing over redundant computer equipment to third parties, Mr Rooskby said. Another worry is what to do with the assortment of hard drives removed from machines over the years as a safeguard to equipment arriving on a scrap heap on some distant shore.

All funds raised from donated IT equipment to CFC will aid the charity’s many activities, including a forthcoming Christmas shoebox appeal to aid disadvantaged children and elderly in the UK and overseas.

Preparing a shoebox is an easy affair, either contact your local shoe shop for shoeboxes or make up a gift bag for a lady, man, boy or girl.

It does not need to be extravagant: toothbrush, soap, shampoo, combs, hankies, perfume, toys, scarves and gloves are accepted but no aerosol cans, sharp objects, foodstuffs or medicines [these can be accepted separately for distribution].

Label the box for a man, lady, boy or girl and including a greetings message is acceptable - but do not send money.

Deadline for boxes this year will be November 25.

CFC is the oldest and most diverse IT reuse charity in the UK.

Set up by Simon Rooksby in 1994, the Hailsham charity has handled more than 250,000 computer systems for the benefit of projects and organisations across the UK and some 105 countries worldwide.

Any donated equipment is refurbished to high standards but also supports home grown programmes to aid disadvantaged people such as in Africa.

Humanitarian aid support has also emerged as a goal of CFC.

CFC also needs volunteers to help out with its work in various ways including secretarial and admin support; drivers aged 25 or over; IT professionals and programmers; hardware engineers (PC & Mac); fundraisers and home workers.

Further professional skills and advice are needed such as lawyers, journalists, writers, public relations and marketing. Contacts for local and National radio, TV, magazines, newspapers are also helpful.

Fundraising also benefits the charity. Lastly, empty garage and warehouse space is also needed.

For further information or advice about CFC or how to help, phone Mr Rooksby: 01323 840641 or email: