Chestnut Tree House: reaching every life-limited child

Chestnut Tree House Update SUS-140508-070644001
Chestnut Tree House Update SUS-140508-070644001

Hello and welcome to the first of many instalments from the community team. I have taken over the Chestnut Tree House weekly column so that I can give you some insight into the work that we do in East Sussex.

The Community Team are hard at work in East Sussex at the moment, raising the profile of Chestnut Tree House services and reaching out to Health Care Professionals. This is particularly important as so many NHS posts are now short term contracts and turnover of staff is high. We are trying to ensure that all professionals who work with life-limited children are aware of the wide range of support we can offer, away from the house itself, in families own homes.

Ensuring we can reach every life-limited child in East Sussex is especially crucial for those facing the end of their life and who want to remain at home with family around them. The Chestnut Tree House Community team can offer 24 hour on-call support, daily visits, symptom control and emotional support for the whole family – all delivered at no cost to the family or NHS.

We work with the child’s own GP and Medical/Nursing teams to ensure a smooth delivery of care and continuity for the family.

So many people are unaware that this is possible in their own communities and we want to reach out and ensure we are meeting the needs of families across the whole East Sussex Area. You can find out more about the work we do on our website