Chichester and Midhurst planning applications, February 7-13

Here is a round-up of the current planning applications submitted in your area as provided by Chichester District Council.


BI/19/00152/FUL | Premier Marinas Limited | Houseboat Moored Hen, Chichester Marina, Birdham | Replacement house boat.

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BI/19/00198/TPA | Mrs. Dee Fowler | 32 Walwyn Close, Birdham | Crown reduce by up to 2.5m (all round) on 2 no. Oak trees (quoted as T1 TPO’d T3 and T2), crown reduce by up to 2.5m (all round) and reduce lowest northern limb by 5.5m (quoted as T3, TPO’d nos. T1). All 3 no. trees are subject to BI/97/00037/TPO.


BO/19/00196/FUL | Mr & Mrs L Mandiwall | By-The-Brook Bosham Lane, Bosham | Demolish 1 no. existing dwelling and erect 2 no. 2 bed dwellings and 1 no. 3 bed dwelling.

BO/19/00224/FUL | Mr And Mrs N. Andrews | Tara Smugglers Lane, Bosham | Construction of swimming pool in garden land between boat store and replacement dwelling (approved under 17/02411/FUL) and associated landscaping works.


BX/19/00034/LBC | Mr. M Sawyer | Walnut Tree Cottage, Marsh Lane, Crockerhill, Boxgrove | Demolish existing building.


CC/18/03366/LBC | Chichester City Council | 23 West Street, Chichester | 1 no. commemorative plaque on the front of the building.

CC/19/00022/DOM | Mr Lee Dickens | 5 Newlands Lane, Chichester | Construction of an outbuilding

CC/19/00029/DOM | Mr Sebastian Ottley | 10 Winden Avenue, Chichester | Two storey rear extension

CC/19/00035/ADV | Clare Atkin | 9 West Street, Chichester | 1 no. set of individual letters sign to replace existing free house letters sign.

CC/19/00150/DOM | Pinder | 38 Whyke Lane, Chichester | Rear ground floor, rear first floor extension and loft extension.

CC/19/00211/TPA | Dr M Ridley | 35 Plainwood Close, Chichester | Remove all new branch wood formed since previous works (CC/14/04298/TPA) including epicormic shoots on bole on 2 no. Lime trees (T2 and T3) subject to CC/92/00278/TPO.

CC/19/00205/DOM | Ms S Crimmin | 10 Caledonian Road, Chichester | Demolition of existing extension. Replacement rear and side infill extension.


SDNP/19/00212/TPO | Mr George Marchand | Chalkway Cottage, A286 Church Lane to Bell Lane, Cocking | Reduce back to boundary fenceline all branches overhanging neighbouring property (north-west sector) on 1 no. Yew tree (T1) subject to CK/95/00369/TPO.


D/18/03424/DOM | Mr Leonard Woodcock | 3A Birdham Road, Donnington | Two Storey and Single Storey Side Extension

D/19/00154/DOM | Mr Colin Berry | 2 St Georges Court, Selsey Road, Donnington | Erection of a single storey outbuilding in rear garden.


SDNP/18/06240/FUL | Mr Bryant | 1 Boderton Mews, Burton Park Road, Barlavington, Petworth | Proposed construction of a single storey open fronted garage replacing an existing parking place and improvements to bin store.


E/18/03455/DOM | Mr & Mrs J Eynon | Earnley Grange Cottage, Almodington Lane, Almodington, Earnley | Alterations and additions to the external enclosure of the cottage and improve external illumination.

E/19/00074/FUL | Ms Sandy Oxley | Marsh Farm, Cottage Drove Lane, Earnley | Proposed change of use of agricultural barn to allow for non-agricultural storage purposes with proposed repositioning of entrance track.

E/19/00177/TCA | Mrs Rogers | Chapel Cottage, Bookers Lane, Earnley | Notification of intention to fell 1 no. Poplar tree (A) and 1 no. Conifer tree (C) and crown reduce (cut back to previous pruning points) on 1 no. Willow tree (B).

E/19/00200/DOM | Mr And Mrs C Knight | 121 Third Avenue, Batchmere, Chichester | Demolition of existing single storey conservatory, construction of single storey rear extension and change of gable cladding.

East Wittering And Bracklesham

EWB/18/02896/DOM | Mr George Thomas Rhodes | 1 Woodborough Close, Bracklesham, Chichester | New fencing.

EWB/19/00180/FUL | Mr Farley | The Boathouse, Longlands Road, East Wittering | Change of use from B1(a) to residential C3 with internal and external alterations - variation of condition 2 of planning permission EWB/18/00365/FUL - Plans referred to in condition 2 to be substituted by 3901.02.SU01 and 3901.02.PL01.


SDNP/19/00244/HOUS | Mrs J Freeman | Palfrey Farm, London Road, Ebernoe | Proposed swimming pool and erection of single storey summerhouse.


FB/19/00257/TPA | Mr M Turnbull | Wharfdale, 3 Beaver Close, Fishbourne | Crown lift by up to 4m (above ground level) on 1 no. Oak tree (T7) subject to FB/69/00042/TPO.


SDNP/19/00176/TCA | Andrew Colebrook | Sunnyside, Lower Street, Fittleworth | Notification of intention to crown reduce back to previous pruning points (remove all re-growth) on 1no. Goat Willow tree (T1) and crown reduce (height and lateral spread) by 1.5m and prune to provide 1m clearance from profile of adjacent garages on 1no. Purple Plum tree (T2)


SDNP/19/00168/TCA | Mrs. Roskell | New Quinings, Down Street, West Ashling | Notification of intention to reduce height by 3.5m on 1 no. Bay tree (T1). Re-pollard back to previous pollard points (reduction by 5m) on 1 no. Holm Oak tree (T2). Crown reduce by 3m (back to previous pruning points) on 1 no. Maple tree (T3). Reduce height by 2m (to previous pruning points) on the western and southern boundaries of mixed hedgerows consisting of Leyland Cypress trees and Yew trees.


SDNP/19/00018/FUL | Lods Saw Mill, Selham Road, Selham, Lodsworth | Extension to existing sawmill to provide a facility to collect sawdust to replace an existing building damaged by fire.


SDNP/18/06220/FUL | Mr & Mrs Tucker | The Village Shop, High Hamstead Lane, Lurgashall | Proposed alterations and extension to the dwelling house in order to allow the Post Office to operate independently of the dwelling, and extensions to the rear to the dwelling.

SDNP/18/06221/LIS | Mr & Mrs Tucker | The Village Shop, High Hamstead Lane, Lurgashall | Proposed alterations and extension to the dwelling house in order to allow the Post Office to operate independently of the dwelling, and extensions to the rear to the dwelling.

SDNP/19/00249/LIS | Sir Vernon Ellis | Greengate Farm, High Hamstead Lane, Lurgashall | To remove existing chipboard floor from barn building and replace with concrete floor.


SDNP/18/06171/FUL | Grange Management | Spring Meadow, New Road, Midhurst | Erection of gabion wall.

SDNP/18/06440/FUL | Midhurst Town Trust | Old Town Hall, Market Square, Midhurst | Removal of 4 no. existing bollards. Relocation and erection of 8 no. new bollards on eastern boundary of site.

SDNP/19/00014/FUL | Mr Ray Heagarty | Garage Block East of Roselawn, June Lane, Midhurst | Redevelopment and roof extension of existing A1 building to create a mixed use of A1 use on part of the ground floor with two residential apartments on the upper floors.


SDNP/19/00065/TPO | Mr Chris Agnew | 100 Poplar Way, Midhurst | Fell 1 no. Whitebeam tree (6), 1 no. Cherry tree (7) and 1 no. Pine tree (11). Repollard 1 no. Filed Maple tree (1). Crown reduce up to 1m on 1 no. Acer spp tree (4), 1 no. Rowan tree (10), 2 no. Beech tree (9 and 13) and 4 no. Cherry trees (12, 14 to 16). Crown lift up to 1 m on 1 no. Norway Spruce tree (5). Crown lift and cut back over road on 1 no. Cherry tree (8), subject to MI/82/01100/TPO.

SDNP/19/00074/HOUS | Mr Sossick | 7 Downsview Drive, Midhurst | Demolition of existing porch and erection of replacement porch.


SDNP/18/06539/FUL | Mr & Mrs Carter | Milland Pottery, Milland Lane, Milland | Demolition of existing pottery/timber workshop and construction of 1 no. new pottery workshop and 1 no. new timber workshop.

SDNP/19/00158/HOUS | Mr & Mrs Biles | Ripsley Cottage, Portsmouth Road, Milland | Erection of single storey side extension with alterations to fenestration.

North Mundham

NM/18/03460/FUL | Mrs Jodie Sheppard | Land And Stables Adjacent To Lakeside School Lane, North Mundham | Change use of grazing land and stables to commercial dog activity area and office including associated works and landscaping.

NM/19/00176/DOM | Mr & Mrs N & C Higbee | Myrtle House, Runcton Lane, Runcton, Chichester | Change use of detached garage roof space into habitable accomidation use ancillary to the main dwelling with the provision of a new external staircase to replace the sub-standard internal stairway.


O/19/00187/DOM | Mrs Cassie Pugsley | 183 Oving Road, Shopwhyke, Oving | Two storey rear extension with change of use of loft space to create habitable accommodation with associated roof works including 1 no. dormer and alterations to fenestration.

O/19/00191/DOM | Mr Colin White | 182 Oving Road, Shopwhyke, Oving | Two storey rear extension with change of use of loft space to create habitable accommodation with associated roof works including 1 no. dormer and alterations to fenestration.


SDNP/18/05581/LDP | Mr Robin Wilson | Coultershaw Water Mill, Station Road, Petworth | Proposed Lawful Development - Repair and restore warehouse. The building will be re-roofed with a concrete floor to create an Exhibition Centre, garage and workshop.


SDNP/19/00004/CND | Mrs T Franus | Beech Lodge, Bull Hill, Rogate | Variation of conditions 2, 3 , 4 and 5 from planning permission SDNP/16/05357/HOUS.

SDNP/19/00133/TCA | Mr. Benjamin Maclehose | 1 The Mews, Red House Court, Rogate | Notification of intention to crown reduce by 20% (all round) on 1 no. Maple tree.

SDNP/19/00223/LDE | Raven Field Archery Club | Laundry Cottage Dangstein, Dangstein Road, Rogate | Use of land for archery including the stationing of portable toilets, two awnings as temporary shelter and storage of archery equipment.


SY/18/03334/ADV | Mr Graham Hibbert | 126 High Street, Selsey | 3 no. non-illuminated fascia signs.

SY/19/00185/LBC | Mr K Goff | Hollyhocks, 54 High Street, Selsey | Retention of replacement windows (like for like).

SY/19/00217/DOM | Mr B Wilkinson | 28 Woodland Road, Selsey | Replace an asbestos shed and a small timber shed with a single timber shed.


SDNP/19/00326/TCA | Ms G Godfrey | Little Drove House, A286 Cobblers Row to Middlefield, Singleton | Notification of intention to crown thin by 20% on 1 no. Goat Willow tree.


SB/19/00251/FUL | Mr Michael Connors | Caravan Adjacent To Southbourne Farmshop, Main Road, Southbourne | Variation of condition to apply to Michael Connors and dependants - variation of condition 2 of planning permission SB/04/01343/FUL - To allow the stationing of 3 no. caravans including no more than 2 no. static caravans.

Stedham With Iping

SDNP/18/05810/HOUS | Mr Richard Hart | The Old Rectory, The Street, Stedham | Installation of domestic swimming pool with changing room.


SDNP/19/00217/FUL | Trustees of Sac Stilwell | Land South West of Green Lanes, Back Lane, Forestside, Stoughton | Retrospective application for the erection of a horse field shelter.


TG/19/00160/DOM | Mr Daniel Woodcock | 2 Tangmere Road, Tangmere | Removal of two chimneys, relocation of main entrance, widen and resurface driveway, plant additional hedges and replace slate pitched roof for garage and storage outbuildings.


WE/18/03284/FUL | Julie Chaffey | Ellesmere Nursery, North Street, Westbourne | Demolition of existing greenhouses and erection of 1 no. dwelling (variation of condition 2 of permission WE/18/00491/FUL. Reconfigure the layout to provide a 1 storey extension left side and rear of the dwelling and internal reconfiguration).


WH/18/03319/ADV | Miss Megan Hamlyn | Land Off Madgwick Lane, Westhampnett | 1 no. MSM sign, 5 no. flag and flag pole signs, 1 no. SSM signs, 3 no. SSS signs, 2 no. House Plaque signs, 1 no. Fascia signs, 1 no. opening hours vinyl and dots, 1 no. sales clock, 1 no, post box and brochure holder and 1 no. gable end letters for 1 Madgwick Park Barratt Homes Sales Arena signage for a Development of 300 Dwelling units.

West Itchenor

WI/19/00042/FUL | Mr And Mrs Impey | Langley, Itchenor Road, West Itchenor | Replacement dwelling to include separate garage with ancilliary accommodation.

Wisborough Green

WR/18/03350/FUL | Mr T Rollings | Fishers Farm Park, Newpound Lane, Wisborough Green | Change of use of agricultural field to provide hard standing with associated works for an additional 175 parking spaces for Fishers Farm Park existing visitors.

West Wittering

WW/18/03457/FUL | Mr & Mrs R and J Bridge | Oak Trees, Meadow Lane, West Wittering | Demolition of existing 1 no. two-storey dwelling and construction of 1 no. two-storey dwelling.

WW/19/00201/DOM | Mr John Hardy | Horseshoe Cottage, Elms Ride, West Wittering | Demolition of converted garage and conservatory. Construction of single storey rear extension and two storey side extension.

Woolbeding With Redford

SDNP/18/05520/HOUS | Mr & Mrs Jeremy Burton | 3 Claypit Cottages, Linch Road, Redford, Woolbeding | Retrospective proposal to keep new wooden sash windows installed in extension to property in 2016. Proposal to change existing UPVC casement windows to wooden sashes.