Choirs singing to the same tune when Hailsham Choral Society visit twin town

Hailsham Choral Society visit twinned town
Hailsham Choral Society visit twinned town

Hailsham Choral Society travelled to Hailsham’s twinned town Gourney en Bray in France to perform with members of its choir.

It was the first visit by members of the choral society and the trip was organised by Hailsham and District Twinning Association.

At the event the French choir sang various songs and the English choir raised the roof of the Church of St Hildevert with their own songs and both choirs also joined together to sing.

During the weekend the English party travelled to Rouen to enjoy an afternoon of history and culture from the area and meet French Twinners.

They also visited village Geberoy which is home to many artists who were displaying their work, followed by an American lunch hosted and provided by the members of Gournay en Bray Twinning Association.

The choir also visited Beauvoir en Lyon where there was a talk on the history of the area and the medieval fort was given by a local history group.

Chairman Keith Townsend said: “Many new friendships were formed during this weekend and both the English and French have already started to make individual plans for further visits to each other.

“It is also hoped that the French Choir will return, once again, to Hailsham next year for a concert in Hailsham’s Church.

“Members of choir did not realise, until this weekend, what twinning is about and how much enjoyment can be gained from the experience.

“The choir will now be taking up full group membership with the Hailsham and District Twinning Association and joining in various future social events.”