Christmas holidays are a busy time for Uckfield firecrews

A fatal fire, blaze in a van and a horse rescue - all part of Uckfield firecrews’ December workload.

Two appliances attended the Barcombe house fire after which an elderly woman died. Crews pumped water from the River Ouse to fight the blaze.

Teams worked with East Grinstead firefighters to deal with a van fire in Forest Row when a propane cylinder exploded.

Uckfield and Lewes crews dealt with a fire in a storage building at Sheffield Park Gardens. Firefighters wearing breathing apparatus put out the fire and ventilated the building. Another task was to work with ambulance crews releasing two people from crashed cars on Beacon Road, Crowborough.

On December 11 Uckfield and Crowborough crews worked together again to rescue a horse from a ditch at a Nutley farm.

On the same day they joined Heathfield crews using hydraulic equipment to free the trapped driver of a car following an accident in Waldron. On December 12 crews were called to a property in Hempstead Road, Uckfield to deal with a fire involving a pan of food. Later the same day they put out a rubbish fire in Bell Lane.

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