Cliffe Bonfire Girls and Boys in Lewes bare all for naked calendar


MEMBERS of Cliffe Bonfire Society in Lewes have shed their everyday clothes to present their own version of a ‘Calendar Girls’ type calendar for 2013.

The 12 months are depicted in full colour with a dozen naughty but nice photographs.

Lee Chrismas and Peter Varnham, who thought up the idea of presenting members in the buff, said: “Some of us in Cliffe were bumming around one day, trying to think up ideas for fund-raising, when the thought sprang into our heads that we should get stripped for action and put our backsides into producing a slightly daring calendar.”

The result is a colourful, humorous and beautifully photographed anticipation of the year ahead, which demonstrates the naked truth about Bonfire and its rituals.

For each month members have shed their underwear, donned their bonfire costumes and revealed their naked flesh, all for the good of November 5 in Lewes.

From January, where the lads and lasses of Cliffe cover their modesty with blazing torches, through to December with a daring CBS member risking his family jewels leaping over burning torch remnants, the calendar tastefully giggles its way through each month with a show of bare bottoms and eye-catching costumes strategically placed to prevent any lack of modesty.

The whole range of Cliffe ‘clobber’ is in the 12 pages: Vikings, flags, tankards, firefighters, torches, fireworks, cannon and effigies count down the days, weeks and months of 2013.

But even this spectacular display of paraphernalia can’t disguise the artistic revelation of rumps, flanks and even a touch of thigh that is the theme of this hilarious fund-raising effort.

The Society’s President, Tim Knight is ecstatic at the results.

“We wanted something that would titillate, even be a little bit rude,” he said, “but the photographers have done a job beyond our wildest dreams and developed a set of pictures that are mildly shocking, while raising belly laughs from people when they first see them. This will be a collector’s item for years to come and will establish 2013 as ‘The Year of the Bonfire’.”

The organisers were initially afraid that the calendar would be the butt of jokes, but when the pictures are stripped down to basics, the reader can see right through to the bottom of the idea.

The calendars are on sale now in Lewes and are priced at £8. Current outlets are The Gardeners Arms, The John Harvey Tavern and Lewes Con Club.