CLIFFE VETS - Have you ever had a pet go missing?


Not long ago our practice manager Karen was out walking early in the morning in her local woods with her dog Daisy.

Daisy, who is ‘normally’ very well behaved, was frightened by the sudden appearance of a horse and took off at speed in the opposite direction.

Karen spent a long time looking for her only to find this very clever dog had found her way back to the car and was sitting there trembling and very wet.

Thankfully, Daisy is microchipped and has a tag stating not only Karen’s phone number but also the surgery number in case of an accident, so if Karen had not found her there was a very good chance that they would be reunited quickly.

This time there was a happy ending, but so often this is not the case. As a practice, Cliffe Veterinary Group cannot stress how important we believe microchipping to be. Losing a pet can cause immense stress and concern for the pets safety.

However with over 250,000 pets going missing each year, it is sadly a common occurrence.

Cats and dogs can stray if they’re scared by noises such as fireworks, or a thunderstorm, or can easily get lost while out for walks (like Daisy) or by just being inquisitive.

When a pet is microchipped, the pet owners contact details, pet information and unique microchip number are stored on a database that is linked to the microchip.

Once a lost pet is found the scanning process will identify the unique code and the vet or authorised user (such as a dog warden) will contact the relevant database to obtain the pet owner’s information to reunite pet and owner as quickly as possible.

At Cliffe Veterinary Group, we charge just £13.99. If you would like to have your cat or dog microchipped, please call 01273 473232 to make an appointment.