Clock faces moved from Holy Cross Church in Uckfield

STEEPLEJACKS finished the delicate job of moving the four clock faces and hands from the tower of Holy Cross Church, Uckfield last week.

Scaffolding was needed for the first stage but then skilled steeplejacks shinned up the tower itself and swung around the spire to remove the faded faces so they could be repainted.

The hands will also be regilded.

The work was done by trained technicians Paul Silk, Jeremy Spirit and Jordan Hudd from Wiltshire Steeplejacks of Trowbridge.

The entire clock has undergone a massive refurbishment with a new electric automatic winding mechanism, pendulum regulator and a night silencer.

This means the team of winders who have climbed the tower twice a week to re-wind the clock can now retire.

When the work is finished the clock will be returned to its position as the most prominent landmark in Uckfield, visible across the whole of the south of the town.