Coastguard called after 'intoxicated' pair fall into water in Bognor Regis

Two people were rescued from the water off Bognor Regis pier on Sunday afternoon (April 24).

Lifeboat and coastguard rescue teams were mobilised from Littlehampton on Sunday afternoon (April 24), to rescue two ‘intoxicated’ people who fell into the water off the Bognor Regis pier.

The first informant called 999 after a person encountered difficulties in the water and started calling for help. Soon afterwards, a second person entered the water, hoping to assist.

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While on route, the teams received an update claiming both people were out of the water.

Selsey Coastguard

Both casualties, as well as the group of which they were a part, ‘seemed to be intoxicated’, a spokesperson for the volunteer-run Coastguard Rescue Team said.

"The team were asked to continue to scene to give safety advice and to make sure no medical assistance was needed,” they added.

"Safety advice was given and the group were very apologetic and thankful to us.”

The Coastguard have warned that 1 in 8 coastal deaths involve alcohol, urging members of the public ‘not to become a statistic’ as the summer months draw near.

"Please discourage your friends/ family from entering water if they have consumed alcohol,” a spokesperson said.

"The sea and alcohol don’t mix, your judgement will be impaired and cold water kills.

"Take care of your mates, look out for each other, get home safe together. Make it a last round for the night, not a lifetime.”

In an emergency out at sea, on the beach or along the coast, remember to dial 999 and ask for the coastguard.

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