Coffee shop sets up new scheme

Laura Grove, Coffee Box manager, and Mayor of Hastings, Cllr Bruce Dowling
Laura Grove, Coffee Box manager, and Mayor of Hastings, Cllr Bruce Dowling

A local coffee shop joined the international Suspended Coffee scheme when Mayor of Hastings, Councillor Bruce Dowling, purchased the first coffee at the cafe for someone in need on Tuesday (August 12).

Coffee Box, on The Ridge which opened a year ago, may be one of the first places in Hastings to sign up to the Suspended Coffee movement.

A tradition which started in working-class Naples and is believed to be more than 100 year ago, Suspended Coffee, or caffè sospeso as it is called in Italian, is the act of buying an extra coffee in advance for a person in need as an anonymous act of charity.

And the movement has since spread across the globe.

Cllr Dowling, who officially launched the scheme at Coffee Box, said: “I am very pleased to have bought the first ‘suspended’ coffee. I hope that visitors to Coffee Box will follow my lead and make many ‘suspended’ donations to this very worthwhile cause.”

Laura Grove, Coffee Box manager, said: “The idea behind Suspended Coffee is very straight-forward – customers simply buy a coffee or anything from our menu and ask for it to be suspended for someone in need.

“When someone who can’t afford a coffee or a sandwich comes in and asks if we have any suspended items available, we will give them what other customers have bought for them. The concept of ‘Suspended Coffee’ fits very naturally with our ethos of wanting to invest our profits for the good of the local community.”

Coffee Box is located at the Hastings Centre on The Ridge, opposite the Conquest. For more information about Coffee Box, including opening times and other special offers, please visit