College students put on show to entertain the crowds at Xmas

A group of talented Supported Education students from Sussex Coast College performed their annual Christmas show, this year entitled Winter Wonderland.

Scores of students took part in the event, held on December 17 in the college’s atrium, which drew in the crowds.

The Christmas Show at Sussex Coast College. SUS-141217-143730001

The Christmas Show at Sussex Coast College. SUS-141217-143730001

Lesley Watson, supported education area leader, said: “It was great to see the students performing so confidently and with such enthusiasm. It was a real team effort involving the whole of Supported Education.”

The show was vibrant and exhilarating with students putting in a huge amount of energy and enthusiasm into their performance.

Tutor Alison Barton said: “Students were fully involved in all aspects of the show from performance and scenery painting to prop making and music tech.”

Marti Dean, supported education tutor, said: “Enterprise was represented by a range of stalls offering seasonal food, refreshments and craft items. Products created by the students helped develop a range of professional skills including creativity, marketing and customer service.”

Saxon Mount Transition Programme student Callum Clifton said: “It was really nice to be in it. I enjoyed throwing snowballs.”

Another student, Russell Clarke, said: “It was exciting. I felt proud being in it.”