College welcomes knife amnesty

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HAILSHAM Community College (HCC) has welcomed a knives amnesty campaign organised by Wealden Police.

People have been invited to dispose of knives in knife bins at locations in the town during October [see page 2, Hailsham edition].

PC Kate Brookman has been talking with HCC school pupils about the dangers of knives.

Phil Mathews, HCC acting principal, said: “At the college, we place the importance of respect at the heart of our ethos and it has become a major cornerstone in helping to continue to raise standards within the college. 

“Through partnership with our neighbourhood schools officer, we focus on the issue of how people treat each other and we deliver joint assemblies to all students around the topic of community responsibility and the recognition of socially acceptable behaviour.

“I am extremely pleased to work so closely alongside our local police on this issue and there is no doubt that jointly conveying such an important message to all students has a very positive impact.”