Comment - New vision

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Jaw-dropping proposals for the way Lewes might look in the future are likely to arouse acclaim and consternation in equal measure.

They are certainly audacious – with a vision that includes building an artificial hill on the Phoenix/North Street site hiding car parking beneath and topped by spires.

A Voice For Lewes also proposes that the development should include twittens cascading through small squares to the River Ouse.

Elsewhere, the group proposes a multi-level car park at Lewes Railway Stati0n, an underground road across the town and the introduction of a theme park to attract more visitors.

Such far-reaching ideas are to be applauded and have obviously been the subject of a great deal of thought.

Lewes is the ‘jewel’ in the South Downs National Park and its future needs meticulous attention.

It deserves better than the mundane – and the ideas of A Voice For Lewes are anything but.

Certainly the forthcoming development by Santon at the Phoenix site will change the face of the county town forever. It’s crucial that everyone involved gets things right.

So the idea of creating a new hill is not so outlandish. Drawings indicate that it would be a thing of beauty, echoing the iconic views of Lewes when viewed from the Southover area.

And a theme park celebrating one of the town’s most illustrious sons, Dr Gideon Mantell of dinosaurs fame, has much to commend it.

The local economy is depending more and more on tourism and anything that brings visitors in should be widely supported.

At least, these visions will make local people think.