Communication is one way street in Little Horsted

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Little Horsted Parish Meeting chairman Simon Autie feels so-called parish-District involvement ahead of large projects is very much a ‘one way street.’

He was speaking at a meeting called last week to discuss concerns about a proposed SANGS (alternative green space) to be created on farmland near the village to satisfy requirements set under the council’s Ashdown Forest seven kilometre ‘no development’ policy.

Mr Autie said the meeting was arranged when the village discovered the site had already been purchased which, he said, ‘countered the claim that nothing had been decided.’

Principal speaker was Wealden’s head of planning, Kelvin Williams. Responding to questions Mr Williams assured villagers developers would set aside a ring-fenced sum to clean and maintain the space. He said no lighting was necessary although lights might be required in the access tunnel or car park. Space for machinery would be ‘sorted out later’ he explained.

Responding to people’s fears there would be play areas or pitches, he assured them they would not be needed as the land would be simply an alternative green space.

Mr Autie asked what will happen to the planned green areas within the planned Ridgewood Farm development and was told that they will remain. He added: “This has not been fully thought through and despite a polished performance, there was little hard fact and no apology for their treatment of the parish.”

Mr Williams concluded by saying residents should write in if they had specific concerns.