Community grants in Hailsham

VOLUNTARY organisations and registered charities in Hailsham are being urged to submit their applications to town council for next year’s community grants scheme as the deadline fast approaches.

Grant application forms are still available for non-profit organisations, registered charities or other agencies in Hailsham, intending to request project funding for new or improved facilities, activities or projects from Hailsham Town Council’s 2010 budget.

Application forms are available by writing to the Town Clerk, Hailsham Town Council, Inglenook, Market Square, Hailsham, BN27 2AE.

The deadline for grant aid applications (2012/2013) will be the end of November 2011.

All grant applications will be considered by the town council’s Finance & Budget Oversight Committee in January 2012 and notification of the decision on your application will be released in April 2012.

Funding will be determined solely from the written submission; no in-person presentations will be held.

Cllr Richard Grocock, vice-chairman of the Finance & Budget Oversight Committee, said: “Hailsham Town Council remains committed to supporting our local communities by providing grant funding.

“Since 2004, the town council has awarded over £170,000 to fund programs that relate to our grant criteria.

“Small grants can make a significant difference to community organisations when planning and funding a worthwhile project as feedback from successful applicants has indicated, and in many cases acts as a catalyst for further funding opportunities representing excellent achievements for the organisations involved.

“Applying for a community grant is simple to do and I hope that other groups will be encouraged to do so this year and in the future.”