Community group forum meeting in Hailsham

Hailsham high street
Hailsham high street

The next Hailsham Community Group Forum will be held at St Mary’s Church Lounge tomorrow (Wednesday April 30) at 6pm.

All community groups and organisations are welcome.

Organisers are looking to build a networking forum for all local based community groups where groups can benefit from sharing ideas with others.

A spokeswoman for the forum said: “We are looking to build a networking forum for all the local based Community groups and as a collective group you could benefit from sharing your experiences, ideas with other local groups and who knows you may find someone who has overcome simliar issues you maybe struggling with.

“The long term benefits could be cost savings to your group, for instance as large forum of people you would have more leverage with ordering leaflets, printing cost, sharing resources and more.”

The forum held its first meeting last month. Ideas from the meeting included setting up a website or blog which lists all upcoming events in Hailsham.

It was also noted that a member of each group have a five minute slot to speak about their organisation.

If you are interested in joining the forum contact Michelle Hagger on 01323 841702.