Community group receives £500 grant in Pevensey

Lin Clark receives grant
Lin Clark receives grant

A grant of £500 has been given to Pevensey Villages Partnership.

The partnership was set up to help improve and regenerate Pevensey, Pevensey Bay and Westham.

It aims to bring the community together by providing an information hub on a village website, organising meetings to discuss regeneration ideas, and holding community events.

The grant was given to the group which is made up of traders and residents, by Pevensey Coastal Defence Ltd.

Lin Clark from the partnership said: “To be trusted with so much money by such a large company, creates a really strong feel good factor. The partnership will spend this wisely with their objective, to work for the future of the villages firmly in mind. As money is being gathered, a host of ideas are coming in from all over the villages. It is of course important to spend wisely, and there are several projects in the pipeline that will help to bring people to the area. We have long since needed good clear signage in and around the villages, and this is something that is being considered, with a grant application being made to provide the money needed. While we need to be looking at supporting our high streets and the businesses there, after all they matter to every one of us, the partnership also wants to support the very groups that have always contributed to the welfare of the villagers.”

The Pevensey Villages website,, is becoming one of the most comprehensive information hubs in the three villages. To advertise your club or group on the website contact