Community reacts to port expansion plans in Newhaven

Tidemills beach
Tidemills beach

The talk of the town must currently be Newhaven Port’s plans for expansion which will create jobs but will also take away some of the beach at Tide Mills.

Discussion on social media has already revealed anger and frustration amongst the local community, who see part of Tide Mills being hived off while the West Beach in Newhaven, which belongs to Newhaven Port and Properties, remains off limits.

Residents were expressing outrage on the Save Our Wave Facebook page, set up as a petition against the proposals.

They were also voicing their concerns on the We Love Newhaven and Save Newhaven Beach and BreakwaterArm Facebook groups.

Commenting on the petition Phil Sage said: “I can’t see how they can do this. Tide Mills is a nature reserve surely.”

West Beach campaigner Heather McLean said: “Well they could move that monstrous pile of metal and build it there if they like.

“We could potentially lose both beaches this year. I really do hope not.”

Mat Hammond said: “ I think fundamentally the loss of access to another beach at Newhaven is unbelievable.

“I’m not sure what the build time scale is but it will be months/years.”

NPP has applied to Lewes District Council to build a new berth, a land development area and a conservation area.

It said it needed more quayside to handle cargo and marine traffic.

NPP explained the existing East Quay was very old and was not built to take the heavier weight of cargo experienced today.

It cannot be dredged any deeper so limits the size of the vessels it can handle.

NPP said the design meant the least interferences with current uses of Tide Mills, such as for dog walking or recreation.

It added access to the East Pier for walking and fishing would be maintained.

To sign the petition visit or find it on Facebook. To read more about this story turn to page 24.