Community rose garden plans for Hailsham

Plans by Hailsham Town Council’s Hailsham In Bloom Committee to create a community rose garden to mark the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee in 2012 are under way, pending permission from East Sussex County Council.

The proposal to build a small public garden outside Hailsham Library in Western Road to commemorate the Diamond Jubilee came from the committee earlier this year, which will head a small working party from within the local community to look at the design of the garden and sponsorship opportunities available.

The funding required for the purchase of roses, raised plant beds, paving and wooden benches is currently being sought by the committee.

Rose expert and town council environment warden Len Davies will advise the Committee on the variety of rose that will feature in the garden, showcasing true old roses, English roses through to species roses.

Cllr Richard Grocock, Deputy Mayor and chairman of Hailsham In Bloom, said: “Creating this new community garden will be a challenge for

everyone concerned, but the finished product will be well received by the public, commemorate the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee nicely and provide lots of enjoyment in years to come.

“Having said that, the development of the garden will not be possible without sponsorship from local businesses, which I hope will come forward and support us in this important community project.”

If you would like to be involved in the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee community garden project, contact Hailsham Town Council on 01323 841702 or visit the Hailsham In Bloom website at for more information.