COMMUNITY STARS Charity man is nominated

A retired businessman who set up a trust to donate £100,000 to charity has been nominated for a Community Stars award.

David Hunt, 75, of Coastal Road, East Preston, has been nominated for a Star of the Community award for his dedication to helping charities.

David set up a trust fund worth £100,000 to help out local charities. He lived in Surrey for most of his life but moved to East Preston two years ago with his partner, Catherine Mackenzie, due to enjoying their seaside holiday home for 12 years in the area.

David retired from being a successful businessman and decided that as he had plenty of money for his retirement and to support his children he would help people less fortunate than himself.

While making a new will David mentioned his wish to donate to charity in his lifetime.

His solicitor suggested that he place £100,000 with the Charities Aid Foundation which helps investors manage their money and donations sensibly.

Hence the David Hunt Trust was created and in the last 18 months it has helped countless charities such as Macmillan, Operation Smile, and the Mind charity.

The trust has also raised money to help build a new cardiac unit at Worthing Hospital, for St Barnabas House hospice in Durrington and sponsors individuals raising money for charity. Once the trust chooses a charity to donate to or an individual to sponsor it gives anything between £500 to £5,000.


Catherine Mackenzie, 65, is David’s trustee and nominated him.

She said: “I support him a 100 per cent. He’s worked very hard to get what he wants.

“He is a very giving person. He likes to reward people who have done something special or put a lot of effort into their work.”

David, 75, was surprised to hear he had been nominated. He said: “I am a bit surprised but it’s a nice feeling.

“I feel that I have everything I need.

“I’ve had a heart bypass; a nice house on the seafront; lovely motor cars and I want to help people who are less fortunate.

“Because I wasn’t fortunate as a child, as I was in foster care, I have compassion for the people who haven’t had as much.

“I have had lovely letters from charities thanking me for the donations and it encourages me to do more.”

He added: “The biggest problem with the trust is identifying the people who need it most.

“My main source is looking through the paper to find people in need of raising money.”

The trust has donated £36,000 so far and once all the money has been donated 
David plans to put another £100,000 in the trust for more donations.

If you are interested in creating your own trust with Charities Aid foundation visit the website at


The deadline for nominations is October 26.

We know there are many worthy community stars who deserve to be recognised.

Everyone who is nominated will be invited to our awards ceremony at the Dome, Worthing, on Sunday, December 9.

You can nominate by filling in the form on the left.

The full list of categories for the awards can be found on the next page.

They include carer of the year, star of the community, true inspiration, best volunteer, charity of the year, best friend, health heroes, best school/teacher, mini heroes, best shopworker/ shopkeeper, sporting achievement award, arts and entertainment and animal magic.