Concerned MP calls for action on wheelchair access to Glynde Station

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Lewes MP Norman Baker has raised concerns with Southern Rail that access to Glynde Station is inadequate for local residents, particularly those with limited mobility.

He has contacted Chris Burchell, Managing Director of Southern, highlighting the issue that constituents are facing.

Southern has previously supported proposals for the installation of a ramp on the south side of the station. However, the project appears to have stalled and Mr Baker, alongside other local campaigners, is growing concerned due to the fact that Southern still have arrangements to make before the work can begin.

The ramp will complement proposals for the north side of that station in next year’s budget which will see the station made fully accessible, opening it up for all local residents to make use of.

Mr Baker said: “It is vital that Southern listens to the concerns of local residents when it comes to access issues. It is often those with limited mobility that rely on public transport the most.”