Concerns about youths in Hailsham

BUSINESS folk have been holding meetings to express concerns at the anti-social behaviour of a number of youths in Hailsham town centre.

A police report said there have been several instances of anti-social behaviour by youths in the town centre which has been the subject of a ‘closed professionals meeting’ followed by a ‘more public one’ by those concerned.

The report said: “Local residents and businesses have been able to share their concerns and several actions have been put in place with the police working closely with the council and youth services.”

A member of Hailsham Chamber of Commerce told the Sussex Express that youth behaviour has not been an issue discussed at meetings of the chamber.

At the beginning of this month (March), the Neighbourhood Policing Team (NPT) wrote about the police response to anti social behaviour by youths in the High Street, Market Street and St Mary’s Church area.

The NPT said: “We are working with the Hailsham Town Council and Youth Cafe to try and minimise the rowdy youths in the St Marys Church yard.

“We have been doing regular patrols and Op Blitz is on a regular basis.”