Concerns raised about Newhaven water park’s impact on infrastructure in Lewes district

CONCERNS have been raised about the impact the proposed Newhaven water park could have on the Ouse Valley villages and Lewes.

Piddinghoe resident Steve St Clair told the Sussex Express the proposal could also put a strain on the overstretched rail and road infrastucture around Lewes.

Roundtable Entertainments is planning to build the largest covered water park in the world in Newhaven, as well as a hotel.

Mr St Clair said: “The development would have a massive effect on all local residents and the region beyond if it goes ahead as planned and, whilst trying to keep an open mind, I am concerned that the negatives will far outweigh the positives.

“I realise that many Lewes residents would prefer to ignore what happens in Newhaven (as illustrated by the cursed incinerator), but this gigantic £350m scheme is only six miles away from them and will have a profound effect on the already over stretched infrastructure in and around Lewes. The developer is predicting 780,000 visitors in the first year to be split evenly between road and rail users. “

A formal public consultation about the water park will run from January to July 2013.

The hotel looks set to be built on the former tip off Lewes Road, but there is no confirmed location for the water park yet.