Could you give a home to pet puss Maxwell ... a cat with diabetes?

A diabetic cat is in desperate need of a new owner who can cope with his medical condition.

Maxwell, a diabetic cat who needs a loving new home SUS-160404-112405001
Maxwell, a diabetic cat who needs a loving new home SUS-160404-112405001

Twelve-year-old Maxwell has been at Cats Protection’s National Adoption Centre in Chelwood Gate for two months after his previous owner moved to a new home which was not suitable for him.

Although he is gentle, affectionate and playful, staff say prospective owners are put off by the prospect of caring for a cat with diabetes.

Maxwell’s condition means he needs to be given two injections of insulin a day, be kept on a special diet and have regular veterinary check-ups.

But cat adoption centre deputy manager Tania Marsh said caring for a diabetic cat is not as daunting as it may seem.

She said: “It’s understandable that people would be unsure if they can take on a cat like Maxwell, and we would always want to make sure a new owner understood exactly what they were taking on.

“However, we have veterinary staff who can offer full guidance and training in how to administer Maxwell’s injections and can offer plenty of support.

“We’ve helped many owners learn how to care for diabetic cats, and in our experience it soon becomes second nature and a simple daily routine.

“Maxwell is very co-operative when he needs his injections which will make it a lot easier for his new owner. He is also affectionate, loving and inquisitive, so caring for him will be a real pleasure for his new owner – they will certainly be rewarded with lots of purring and attention from him!

“In the past, we’ve homed diabetic cats to nurses, doctors and other health professionals as well as diabetic people, all of which are comfortable with giving injections. But no experience is necessary, what really matters is we find someone who can see what a wonderful pet Maxwell will make.

“Maxwell will need a home with a garden as he became unhappy when his previous owner moved to a property where he could not go outside. Other than that, he a relaxed cat who would suit most households.”