Council calls for residents to help prevent flooding

West Sussex County Council is calling on residents to help prevent blockages and potential flooding this autumn.

Morning weather and travel
Morning weather and travel

In a statement, it highlighted the annual problem caused by leaves blocking road drains.

It stated that West Sussex County Council looks after 137,000 highways drains and gulleys across the county, and it is hard to predict where leaves collect and where issues will arise.

Provided they can do so safely, residents are being asked to help in residential areas with the council insisting just five minutes spent raking them out of the way can help prevent blockages and potential flooding.

It has issued five ‘top tips’ on the issue:

• Stand on the verge or pavement and rake leaves downhill towards you until they are well out of the way.

• Where possible do it in daylight (outside peak hours) when visibility is good, on roads of less than 40mph.

• If you live on a busy street, park your car in front of the drain to create a safety barrier for you.

• Wear something bright so you are clearly visible and other road users know you are there.

• Avoid raking leaves uphill, or into the road, as they will only be blown or washed back into the drain.

The council has also produced a short film on the subject which you can view HERE

If flooding problems persist after a drain has been cleared of leaves, residents are advised to report issues by visiting