Council calms recycling fears in Wealden

Wealden District Council has reassured residents they will not be left out of pocket after concerns were raised over its recycling collections.

Some residents have questioned whether glass is collected separately from other recyclable materials despite being delivered a blue box for glass collections.

Shirley Price, from Bodle Street, has just been delivered her blue box for glass after several weeks of waiting. In the meantime, she put her glass bottles in a bag for collection but claims refuse collectors said it did not matter if she separated it as it all goes to the same place.

A spokesman for the council said all bottles are separated from other recycling materials by contractor Kier but in very rare cases this is done at the recycling facility.

He said: “I am pleased to hear that the resident has received her blue box. In the vast majority of instances, glass is collected from the blue boxes into separate compartments in the recycling collection vehicles, so it is separated at the time of collection.

“In the rare instances where glass has to be collected with other recycling materials such as in narrow access rounds or at the very end of a busy collection schedule when the glass compartment is full, the glass will be separated out at the Materials Reclamation Facility.”

Ms Price said she would like to know if separating the glass at the recycling facility cost the tax payer more.

The council spokesman said: “There is a slight reduction in the value Kier receives for the recycling but this does not impact on Wealden District Council or our taxpayers.

“In the handful of cases where glass will always be collected with the other recyclable materials the blue boxes still provide additional storage capacity that the residents may use.

“We would like to remind our residents we advise them not to put caddies or boxes inside their bins but to keep them separate to avoid any injuries caused by lifting heavy containers.”

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