Council encourages Hailsham to get active

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An initiative to encourage residents to take advantage of Hailsham’s many recreational opportunities has been launched by the Town Council’s oversight councillor for sport and leisure.

Cllr Paul Holbrook said: “One of the easiest ways to get involved in sport and fitness activities is to join a local sports club.

“A myriad of such organisations operate in Hailsham for people of all ages, each offering different and effective ways to exercise with family members, friends, neighbours and co-workers, whilst making new friends at the same time.

“The health and social life benefits that come with joining these clubs are innumerable and you will feel your quality of life improve as a result of being a member of such a club.

“Many of Hailsham’s sports clubs offer sessions for complete beginners as well as more experienced participants, and will look after all ages and abilities.”

Jim West, chairman of the Hailsham & District Sports Alliance commented: “With the new housing developments in Hailsham, we are finding an influx of ‘top sports people’ moving into Hailsham.

“The Alliance is carefully watching the arrival of these sports men and women and will direct them to our sports clubs.”

Details of sports clubs in Hailsham and surrounding villages, including membership enquiries contact information, are available on the Town Council website (, the Hailsham & District Sports Alliance website (, or via the East Sussex Community Information Service (ESCIS) at