Council issues safety warning over inflatable bubble spas

A warning has been issued to members of the public by West Sussex Trading Standards about the dangers of MSpa inflatable bubble spas following a series of serious incidents.

The team were alerted to the problem by authorities in the Netherlands after reports of two serious accidents where users of inflatable Bubble Spa complained that they received electric shocks on contact with the water.

An investigation by the Dutch authorities has identified that the probable cause of these incidents has been a defect in the heating element which creates a risk of electric shock when it comes into contact with a person or object getting in or out of the spa.

The warning currently covers all MSpa products as the manufactures have been unable to find evidence linking the problem to a specific model or heater.

These products include the following models: B-090, B-091, B-100, B-110, B-112, B-120, B-121, B-130, B-131, B-132, B-140, B-141, B-150, B-151, B-152, B-160, B-170. (The Bubble Spa and the model can be identified by the inscription on the outside near the control panel.)

West Sussex Trading Standards is warning the public that if they own a spa of this brand and model to immediately turn the power off by taking the plug from the socket and to take appropriate steps to ensure that it cannot be accidently plugged in by someone else.

Peter Aston, Trading Standards Team Manager, said: “The scale of the supply in the county and indeed the country is not yet clear, but this is being investigated. Part of our commitment to keeping residents safe from harm is to alert them to serious safety issues such as this. We would also ask any businesses in the area who have supplied this product to get in touch with us as soon as possible.”

For more information contact your dealer as the product may be able to be repaired.

If you have bought one of the affected products, contact Trading Standards by calling 03454 040506