Council pledges to consider Seaford skate park

INVESTIGATIONS will continue into creating a skate park in Seaford to serve the Walmer Road area.

Lewes District Council’s cabinet agreed to support petitioners who have been calling for a new facility when it held a meeting at the end of September.

The council will now work with the petitioners, Seaford Town Council and others to look into whether Walmer Road Recreation Ground is a suitable site.

The group behind the idea started an online petition calling for a skate park which was suitable for skate boarders, scooters and BMX.

A total of 886 signatures were received. The initial assessment is that there are various advantages and disadvantages associated with siting a skate park at Walmer Road.

These will be discussed in detail with the petitioners, Seaford Town Council and other parties to see if there is workable proposal that can be financed and delivered.

The only other site so far that has any potential is council owned land to the north of Alfriston Road, however this land could be used as an extension to Seaford Cemetery within the next ten to 15 years.

The lead petitioner for the skate park was Sam Chumbley.

The next steps will be to examine in detail the Walmer Road and Alfriston Road options and any other options, examine funding streams and carry out consultations.

At the moment local skaters have to travel to the Salts Recreation Ground in Seaford or the Skate Park in Lewes.