Council to make it easier to speak at planning meetings

Wealden’s Cabinet is looking at making it easier for people to attend and take part in planning meetings dealing with applications in the north of the District.

A motion was approved at full council which called on the cabinet to ‘investigate the practicalities and costs’ of holding all planning committee north meetings in the north as well as just those that involve major planning applications.

Cllr Ann Newton, planning cabinet member, supported moves making easier to access meetings but said it was important to look at practicalities of any proposals, particularly when all the facilities needed to run meetings are now at Hailsham. “It will be difficult to find a properly functioning hall which we can just walk into. There may be other ways we can help people who sometimes want to attend such as car sharing, online streaming or community transport. Few will want to go every month.”

The motion was proposed by Cllr Stephen Isted who said: “We hear a lot about localism. This must involve helping people access local government and being able to see what is going on.” It was seconded by Cllr David Larkin who added: “It can be difficult for people to get to Hailsham and this can add to the stress of speaking at a planning meeting.”