Councillor calls for safe crossing in Seaford

A Seaford councillor has renewed her call to get a safe crossing installed on a town road.

Liberal Democrat Cllr Carolyn Lambert said she wants to see East Sussex County Council fund a crossing over Belgrave Road.

She claims a woman was in collision with a vehicle last week and a safer crossing is needed in the area.

She said: “I have been calling for a safe crossing over Belgrave Road for some 18 months now, supported by residents, Guide Dogs for the Blind and Think School Travel.

“The Conservative county council has refused to fund a safe crossing in Belgrave Road, despite pleas from residents.

“This accident is a wake- up call and it is now high time for the county council to face up to its responsibilities.”

A spokesman for the county council said a request for a crossing has been assessed in the past but it had not scored highly enough to be taken forward.

The spokesman added: “Every road safety scheme is assessed against a range of criteria to enable us to use our limited funds for schemes considered a priority.

“A request for a pedestrian crossing in Belgrave Road has been assessed in the past but at that time didn’t score highly enough to be taken forward as a possible local transport improvement scheme.

“Once full details of the most recent incident are available, we will be in a position to reassess whether a crossing at this location would be appropriate.”