Councillor criticises lack of recycling collections in Seaford

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A SEAFORD Town Councillor has criticised Lewes District Council after Seaford residents were left without recycling collections over Christmas.

Sarah McStravick (L.Dem) said in certain parts of the town, recycling was last collected on December 19, 2011 and was not due to be collected again until January 16, 2012.

But the district council said it was always happy to review collection services and added it had made every effort to inform residents.

Cllr McStravick said: “I appreciate that waste collectors need a Christmas break too, but steps must be put in place to avoid residents losing their recycling services for three week periods. I am particularly concerned for older people and disabled people, who may have difficulty accessing the communal recycling centres and rely on kerbside collections.

“The lack of kerbside recycling collections encourages people to put their usual recycled goods in the main bin, as they know that these would be collected.”

Cllr McStravick said while other councils had rolled household collections a day forward to avoid any major delays of service to residents, the district council had not done so.

She said this was due to contractual reasons, as to roll everyone’s collection a day forward would mean workers having to work on a Saturday.

But a spokesperson for the district council said: “The kerbside recycling crews work on a district wide collection basis of every two weeks to collect from residents.

“Where there is a bank holiday we normally catch up the following week. The recent Christmas and New Year included two successive Mondays that were bank holidays and this meant we were not able to catch up in our normal way for a minority of residents. Six rounds out of 86 rounds in total were affected, of which three were in Seaford. We are sorry that a small number of residents will have had to wait for their next kerbside collection. Our staff only had two working days off for Christmas and one for the New Year and worked incredibly hard to collect from the 80 rounds that were scheduled.”