Councillors gets the hump about speed bumps in Lewes

A LEWES councillor is getting the hump over speed bumps.

The two giants straddling Railway Lane may be responsible for more than 50 accidents a year, according to Petrina Kingham.

Now the humps, newly painted to make them more visible, are causing her nightmares.

She joked: “In the depths of my dream-ridden nights these two rigid leviathans lie restlessly awaiting a hapless pedestrian or the soft underbelly of a classic car.

“As another victim is claimed, ‘Lee the Fish’ and ‘Martin the Meat’ burst from The Riverside wielding a gutting knife and a meat cleaver and baying for a councillor’s blood.”

The Lewes Town Council member wants the public to help her drive the visions away.

On the serious side, she was prompted to speak out after a mobility scooter overturned on one of the bumps and the driver’s injuries required a visit to hospital.

It follows reports of an MG Sprite having to frequently be lifted over the bumps to stop the rear axle and exhaust being grounded.

Cllr Kingham said pedestrian safety should be paramount. “The pavement is too narrow to act as a viable alternative for prams or mobility scooters and the bumps themselves seem to cause perception problems – whether marked or not – to some members of the public who do not ‘see’ the rise and fall.

“This area, from the grey cobbles, purports to be a pedestrian precinct and restricted to vehicles delivering to the Cliffe traders. It is therefore not a valid argument to insist that pedestrians themselves are courting disaster by using the cobbled path when they are being enticed to do so.”

She said traffic coming out of The Riverside car park needs to be “encouraged” to turn right not left.

Most of all we need to protect the vulnerable, she said. “An injury to an elderly person can have far-reaching consequences in relation to the future quality of their life.”

Bollards may be the answer but that would be expensive. “The public purse remains firmly shut in these days of austerity unless a persuasive and factual argument can be presented.”

Cllr Kingham (Bridge Ward) added: “I need members of the public who have fallen as a result of the speed bumps to come forward and make statements as to why they fell. I would also welcome views from local traders.”

She can be contacted on 01273 474276 or email