County honours for Uckfield girls

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Brilliant gymnasts from Uckfield Gymnastic Club excelled at the South East Regional Grades Championships held at the Guildford Spectrum earlier this month.

Because of the continued hard work and dedication of the coaching team and gymnasts, they maintained their consistent track record of great results and clean performances, which in turn make them one of the top clubs in the region.

At Grade 14, Jasmine Remington (eight) achieved a pass. At Grade 13, Lily Harman (aged nine) achieved a distinction.

Passes were also gained by Alice Read (eight), Skyla Eldridge (eight), Lily Harding (eight,) Eve Lewis (eight), Lucy Gunn (nine) and Lauren Howe (ten). Lily Harman came first and is now South East champion. At Grade 12, Anastacia Georgiou (nine) won a distinction (and came third.)

At Grade 11 Eleanor McCarthy (ten) gained a distinction and Sophie Coats (ten), Fleur Jenkins (nine), Katrina Hazelden (ten), and Evie Kickham (11) all passed. At National Grade Eight Ria Sanderson (ten) gained a distinction. At Second Range and Conditioning, Sofia Davis (10) and Megan Hassall passed.

Aeryn Perkins (11) achieved a distinction at National Grade Seven and was first on Rangew and Conditioning. Parris Bryan (12) passed National Grade Six and Georgie Moors (12) passed National Grade Five and came third and achieved third place on Range and Conditioning. Sofia Davies, Aeryn Perkins, Parris Bryan and Georgie Moors all qualified for the National Club Grade Finals in April to be held in Birmingham.

Organisers say, to have four girls from one club representing the South East at once was a great achievement and they wished them good luck in the future.

Uckfield Gymnastic Club received accreditation of GYM-MARK in 2007, an assurance of quality tested by British Gymnastics on behalf of Sport England which gives parents and gymnasts the reassurance that the club is nationally recognised as safe, effective and child friendly.

With 30 years’ experience, the club offers a comprehensive service for the sport in the South East, catering for children from walking age upwards.

It even starts with a Gym-Tots programme for under threes, though to the international competitors where specialist facilities and coaching expertise are offered.

Organisers say: “Consider for a moment what we achieve from gymnastics - the sheer fun of competing, building a healthy and alert mind and body, stamina, courage, perseverance, dedication, commitment, selflessness and the will to excel.”