COUNTY NEWS: Snailed it! New sculpture trail revealed for Sussex

Fabienne Mackendrick, aged two, was one of the first to meet the giant snails (Photograph: Vervate)
Fabienne Mackendrick, aged two, was one of the first to meet the giant snails (Photograph: Vervate)

A Sussex hospice is to launch a snail-themed public arts trail, after its hugely successful Snowdogs project last year.

Brighton resident and international DJ Norman Cook (aka Fatboy Slim) unveiled the statues in Brighton yesterday (October 12), where three specially-designed giant snails were revealed.

The Snailspace trail, fundraising for Martlets Hospice in Hove, will see 50 snails dotted around the city in autumn 2018.

The Snowdogs by the Sea trail launched in autumn 2016 raised £310,000 for the Hove hospice, contributed £10.1 million to the local economy, and brought in thousands of visitors from the srurrounding area and beyond.

Martlets are once again teaming up with Wild in Art to bring a host of giant sculpture to the streets of Brighton and Hove, each one uniquely decorated by a different artist.

Speaking about Snailspace, and why giant snails have been chosen to follow on from the Snowdogs, Imelda Glackin, CEO of Martlets, said: “The snail sculpture resonates wonderfully with the work we do at Martlets. Our life-changing hospice care helps people do the things they love with the time they have.

Fatboy Slim and Imelda Glackin, CEO of Martlets Hospice (Photograph: Vervate)

Fatboy Slim and Imelda Glackin, CEO of Martlets Hospice (Photograph: Vervate)

"In this fast-paced city it’s often hard to remember to slow down and appreciate the things in life that make us smile. The strikingly painted snails across our city will be a constant reminder to take a moment to enjoy the time we have with the people we share our lives with.

“The snail also carries its home wherever it goes. It’s a comforting reminder that being home or feeling at home is incredibly important to the patients and families we help and support.”

Charlie Langhorne, director of Wild in Art, said: “Love them or hate them, everyone will be talking about snails! Brighton is a quirky, creative city and needed an unexpected sculpture to follow the Snowdogs.

"Discovering a giant version of a creature that is usually so small should trigger a moment of reflection, as well as raising a smile; it reminds us all to slow down and enjoy the beauty in everyday things. The shell also provides a wonderful canvas, crucial for an artistic city like Brighton.

The snail sculptures

The snail sculptures

"The educational opportunities around shells, such as exploring Fibonacci Spirals and Golden Ratios, also work brilliantly for the Learning Programme, which is a key strand of the event. #BeMoreSnail is a motto we’re sure Brighton will embrace.”

Businesses across the city and beyond will be able to sponsor their own sculpture to benefit from a vast range of marketing and PR opportunities, while also supporting Martlets Hospice.

Several organisations in the city have already signed up to sponsor a snail, including the British Airways i360, Brighton Marina, Griffith Smith Farrington Webb LLP, Salt Rooms, Visit Brighton and Norman Cook's Big Beach Cafe.

Norman Cook said he had no hesitation in getting involved with the next campaign.

“I was delighted to be asked by the Martlets to be a sponsor and ambassador for Snailspace," he said. "As many people know I have a personal connection to the hospice and am always happy to support their fundraising events as they provide an amazing service for our community. But, I’m especially keen to be involved in another art event as I can honestly say that for my kids, especially my daughter Nellie, having a Snowdog, was the coolest thing I’ve ever done!”

In total there will be 50 giant snails available for sponsorship in prominent locations around the city.

Businesses are encouraged to get in touch with Martlets as soon as possible to secure their involvement and make the most of participating in this unique event.

To download a sponsorship pack, visit: