COUNTY NEWS: Wounded deer found in town centre coffee shop

Rescuers rushed to a town centre coffee shop this morning after a small deer was discovered there.

Monday, 18th September 2017, 5:08 pm
Updated Thursday, 7th June 2018, 9:44 pm
The deer found in Coffee Republic, photo by Tracy Honey

Whilst staff were out the back of Coffee Republic in Eastbourne they inadvertently scared the animal inside the shop, said East Sussex Wildlife Rescue and Ambulance Service (WRAS).

Staff managed to contain the young muntjac deer in the rear section of the shop with the help of local PCSOs until rescuers arrived.

Off duty rescuer Chris Riddington from WRAS was asked to attend due to the urgency of the situation.

He said, “Trevor called me asking me to attend, as a loose deer running around inside a store is likely to cause serious injury to members of the public and itself.

“The staff did the right thing in clearly the back of the store and keeping it contained in the end section of the shop.

“When I arrived they had managed to catch the deer and were pinning it to the floor. Deer can be very unpredictable, so I took over controlling the deer till back up arrived.”

Trevor Weeks also attended on site with WRAS’s Technical Rescue Ambulance. He said, “When I arrived Chris already had the deer secured and covered.

“The deer was clearly very frightened. We needed to get the deer out of the coffee shop without it escaping and causing any further problems.

“It was strapped and secured to a stretcher and carried through the shop and out to the waiting Veterinary Ambulance. We drove up the road to a quieter location where it was better assessed. Unfortunately a wound to its tail needed treatment before the deer could be released. “

According to a spokesperson for WRAS, it is always difficult dealing with deer as rescuers have a very limited time window to get them caught and out for released or into care or they could die of a heart attack.

With veterinary authorization the deer was given three sutures and antibiotics out on site before being taken to the edge of the Downs for release. “It was very wobbly at first but, once in the fresh air and after a couple of minutes to compose himself, the deer suddenly rocketed off into the distance,” said Chris.

Trevor said, “This has to be one of the most unusual deer rescue locations we have ever dealt with.

“We have had three deer rescues in the past week. The first at Burwash had half its rear leg missing and had to be put to sleep due to its poor condition.

“The second was a deer with its antlers caught in electric rope at Waldron which was successfully caught, the netting removed and released and then this muntjac deer in a coffee shop in Eastbourne Town Centre.”

The video shows rescuers freeing the deer caught in the electric rope at Waldron.

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Photo by Tracy Honey.