Couple hold key in mystery of the “stolen” Chihuahua


The hunt for a family pet which went missing from a Hailsham housing estate has moved into its second week.

The distraught Saint family has been hunting for their prized three-year-old Chihuahua Pepsi since it went missing on the afternoon of October 14.

Posters have been placed around the area and enquiries made by the family but they are no closer to solving the mystery of the dog’s disappearance.

The pedigree Chihuahua (pictured) is tan and white in colour with a medium coat, long ears and a long tail.

The family’s hopes of being reunited with their pet centre around finding the couple who were last seen with their prized pooch outside their home on Swan Road.

Mum Louise Saint is convinced they hold the key to solving the mystery and reuniting the family with their beloved pet.

She does not believe the couple stole the dog but may have vital information on its whereabouts.

The dog was last seen with the couple who are described as being in their early 20s, with dark hair, and being tall.

The woman was seen to get in a blue car around the time the dog went missing. She is believed to have left the dog with her companion.

Mrs Saint fears the dog may have been stolen by a puppy dealer and is following up leads which she believes the mystery couple could help tie up.

She said: “This couple were seen by neighbours knocking on our door and then they were seen going around to another house along the road.

“We asked the police to do a door-to-door search to check because we didn’t think this couple have taken the dog but might have left it with a neighbour.

“If the couple come forward I think they will tell us where they left Pepsi.”

She added: “We miss her so much. She is a sought-after dog and I fear she is going to be used for puppying. We just want her back.

“She’s our pet and we want her home. That’s all we want, she belongs to us.

“My daughter is distraught. The dog was her best friend. She’s spent so much time with it since it was a puppy. She is devastated.

“It’s her birthday on Monday and she said all she wants is to get Pepsi back.”

A Sussex Police spokeswoman said: “We were called to reports a dog had gone missing from a house in Swan Road, Hailsham, on October 14. The chihuahua was reported missing at 7.40pm.

“Anyone who has any information about the dog should contact police on 101 quoting serial 1343.”

Alternatively anyone with information can call Mrs Saint on 07415098498 or 01323 441523 or go to her home address of 44 Swan Road, BN27 2DD.