Couple’s lucky escape near cliffs

A couple in their twenties had a lucky escape after a walk along the beach nearly ended in tragedy.

SIMCAS doctor Rowley Cottingham and other rescuers were called to assist after the couple became trapped at the foot of Beachy Head, East Sussex by fast rising tides on Monday, April 4. 

The two students had planned to enjoy the sunny weather and walk along the beach from Eastbourne to Brighton.

But their plans went wrong when they were surrounded by the rapidly approaching tide as they walked below Beachy Head and were unable to walk on or retreat to Eastbourne. The cliff prevented them from using their mobile phones to summon help. 

The man managed to raise the alarm, and rescuers found him shivering and soaked but unharmed.

Coastguard and police services searched for the woman and rescued her from the foot of the cliffs. She was examined by SIMCAS doctor Rowley Cottingham who found her to be cold and wet but unharmed.

He said “I was delighted they were found quickly. The rising tide was running strongly this afternoon and this could have been much worse.”