Crews making ‘steady progress’ at Newhaven waste blaze


East Sussex Fire and Rescue Service said it is making ‘steady progress’ dealing with a serious fire at Newhaven.

Around 200 tonnes of compacted household waste caught alight on Friday (December 5) at Skip It Containers on North Quay Road.

Excavators are being used to rake apart the huge piles of rubbish and firefighters are using jets of water to douse any flames.

A spokeswoman for East Sussex Fire and Rescue Service said: “The fire is deep seated and it will take some time to ensure it has been fully extinguished.

“Crews are working with the site operators and the Environment Agency to reduce the potential for water to run off.

“Members of the public are being thanked for their patience as the operation continues.”

The smoke plume is being monitored and health advice for people living or working in the area remains the same.

A Public Health England spokesman said any smoke could be an irritant: “Residents in areas affected by the smoke should stay indoors and keep their doors and windows closed. Any smoke can be an irritant and as such, if people need to be outdoors, they are advised to avoid outside areas affected by any smoke or ash, or to limit the time that they spend in them.

“Motorists who have to travel through the smoke should keep windows closed, turn off air conditioning and keep their air vents closed.

“Some of the substances present in smoke can irritate the lining of the air passages, the skin and the eyes. Respiratory symptoms include coughing and wheezing, breathlessness, sputum (phlegm) production and chest pain. If symptoms occur, people should seek medical advice or call NHS 111. Smoke can worsen existing health problems like asthma.”