Are killer clowns set to return this Halloween?

There are concerns that the Killer Clown craze could be making a come-back this Halloween.

News SUS-150127-110350001
News SUS-150127-110350001

The craze, which took off in Britain in 2016, sees people in sinister and terrifying clown make-up and costumes leaping out to scare people.

The so-called ‘killer clown’ craze appears to have been inspired by terrifying pranks in South Carolina in the USA, where police first received reports of clowns lurking near launderettes and trying to lure children into the woods.

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See also: Superheroes at the ready to scare away killer clowns in Hastings.In some incidents in the UK, the ‘clowns’ have been spotted carrying knives, baseball bats and other offensive weapons.

There were reports a few years back of children left frightened following encounters with clowns in Bexhill.

Already this October there have been a number of reports of sightings and incidents across the UK.

The craze has also been linked to Stephen King’s Horror novel and television series ‘It’ which was released in 1986 and featured an evil clown.

Thanks to a recent film adaptation of the book being released, the popularity in pranksters adapting the disguise has only increased.

This week a woman motorist was left terrified after a man in a clown mask jumped out when she pulled up at a traffic light in Benfleet, Essex, banging on her window and tryintg to get into the car.