Arun weekly crime update: 20-27 April

A round-up of some of all the crimes in Arun District between April 20 and 27 we haven’t already covered.

Bank cards, a passport and other personal items were stolen from a car parked on Devonshire Road, Bognor Regis, on the night of April 23 after a passenger window was smashed to gain entry. The police serial number is 0200 of 24/04.

A van on Lovells Close, in Bognor Regis, was also broken into and tools were stolen on the night of April 25. The police serial number is 0825 of 25/04.#

In Streete Court, Bognor Regis, a bicycle was stolen from a locked bike shed at some point between April 15 and 23. The police serial number is 1314 of 23/04.


In Slindon Wood Park, just outside Arundel, a handbag was stolen from a car after the side window was broken. The Police serial number is 0932 of 22/04.

With a rise in car-related crimes this week, Sussex Police has also provided residents with a checklist designed to prevent vehicle crime on parked cars.

Witnesses with information regarding any of the incidents detailed above are encouraged to contact the police online or by calling 101.

The checklist recommends residents do the following:

-Close your sunroof

-Check you haven’t left your keys in the ignition

-Don’t keep your log book in the car

-Double-check your central locking has actually locked – listen for the clunk/click noise (if you’ve got keyless then look through the window to check)

-Don’t leave your car with the engine running

-Don’t leave anything of value in the car

Sussex Police have also urged residents to park in well used and brighter locations, hide their belongings when they park, research car parks before using them, protect their windows using security film and leave space between their own vehicle and other parked cars to prevent accidental damage.