Bike theft in Chichester 'a significant problem'

Observer readers have shared their thoughts on bicycle theft in the Chichester area with one saying it is 'definitely an issue'.

Mark Chapman, inset, said police refused to look at CCTV after his bike was stolen from the East Pallant car park
Mark Chapman, inset, said police refused to look at CCTV after his bike was stolen from the East Pallant car park

The comments come after police refused to look at CCTV when digital consultant Mark Chapman's bicycle was stolen. Read the full story here: 'Police refused to look at CCTV after my bike was stolen' says Chichester man

Darren Nice said: "Yes there is a significant problem particularly in Chichester. My advice — don't be fooled by thick looking locks, we had a great full face CCTV shot of my lock being cut like string with bolt croppers. There are no consequences for a thief due to resource cuts cause by years of over spending by all governments. In summary buy the very best lock you can which can't be bolt cropped."

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Steve Charles said: "So many bikes getting stolen in Chichester. Just look at the number of Facebook posts plus machinery etc. There are so many CCTV [cameras] and more coming but a complete waste of time if nobody is available to view them, and yes too many cut backs..."

In a similar case, piano teacher Huw Griffiths was told by police to investigate his own bike theft and ask to be shown a nearby businesses CCTV. Read the full story here: Chichester man told to investigate his own bike theft

Jonathan Hermans said: "Had my bike stolen from my house some five months ago. Police asked if I used Strava as thief's watch data which gives your from address. Also asked if I get a lot of takeaway menus delivered. The burglar left a packet of cigarettes in the garage. Police not even interested in taking those. Seems like you just get a crime number and hope for insurance."

Mark Chapman, who the original story was about, responded to Jonathan and said: "It's surprising reading all the comments that are coming in how little belief or trust there is in the police to help ordinary people targeted by criminals. Law-abiding people don't want criminals to be able to steal and get away with it."

A 'heartbroken' plasterer from Bognor Regis told the Observer he believed thieves 'know they can get away with it' earlier this month. Read the full story here: 'Thieves know they can get away with it' says Bognor Dad

Newman Shell said: "Definitely an issue. Know of three bikes with decent locks taken from the train station and one from town centre within days of each other. All reported yet for some reason no action has been taken on any of the four incidents."

Natasha Percival said: "I know three different people that had their bikes secured and stolen from Chichester town centre. All reported to police but nothing was done about it. I think it need to be looked at more as it's becoming a thing of Chichester town centre and that's what we pay council tax for the service of the police not to ignore bike thefts."

Responding to the original story, a spokesman for Sussex Police said: "We haven't seen any significant increase or decrease in the number of bicycle thefts in Chichester in recent months, nor is the number disproportionate to towns or cities of similar size.

"Sussex Police have worked with Chichester District Council over many years to deliver crime prevention advice and cycle marking events in the effort to educate, prevent thefts and increase the possibility of identifying stolen cycles. That work is on-going."