Complaint sparks removal of offensive chair decorated with Playboy imagery from Lewes shop

LEWES:  Censored Playboy chair at the Print Room, Lewes. 28-12-11
LEWES: Censored Playboy chair at the Print Room, Lewes. 28-12-11

POLICE asked a Lewes business to remove a saucy chair covered in 1950s Playboy imagery from its shop window.

A member of the public complained to Sussex Police about the “offensive” chair, which was displayed in the Print Room in Station Street.

The kitsch item of furnitire, costing £95, which features naked women on it, was created for the store by designer Laura Diez, who runs Lollipop and Pepper in the Needlemakers.

Laura said: “Everyone is entitled to their opinion but it was never meant to be offensive.

“It was meant to be a piece of vintage art, just something to catch your eye.

“They were very mild images on it. I don’t understand how they were that offensive.”

Laura added the images were no more scandalous than the pictures displayed on the front covers of men’s magazines in newsagents across the country.

An ironic sign on the cheeky chair says: “This chair has been deemed inappropriate for public view. Please take care.”

And a message in the Print Room’s window says: “Further to a recent police intervention we have been asked to remove our Playboy chair from the window as this has caused upset to our customers. We value our customers and hope we have not offended anyone with this display of vintage artwork by local artist Lollipop and Pepper. The chair is still available to view within the shop so please come and see us soon.”

A spokeswoman for Sussex Police said: “Police attended a Lewes shop following a complaint from a member of public regarding an item that was on display in the shop window.

“The member of public was offended by the images displayed on a chair and the shop owner was politely asked by police to remove it from public view, which he voluntarily did.”

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