Crime prevention advice in Hailsham

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An increase of thefts from garages and sheds sparked officers to visit more than 300 residents in Hailsham to offer crime prevention advice.

Wealden Neighbourhood Policing Team made the visit as part of Operation Quality Street and Operation Creosote.

Police looked at making the community of Town Farm a safer place to live.

Officers knocked on approximately 750 doors and 94 residents signed up to a community messaging system. The system gives people the opportunity to receive up to date information on issues in their area from their local PCSO.

Officers also security marked around 360 items of property in a bid to deter thieves.

Sgt Howard Nevill from Hailsham Police Station said: “We were proud to be a part of this venture and to make the area safer for residents in response to a slight rise in breaks to outbuildings.

“We would encourage the public to continue to be vigilant and report suspicious activity.

“Wealden has always been a low crime area and any rise, no matter what size, should be responded to in order to continue to preserve the confidence the public have in us. We have targetted Town Farm on this occasion as there was a strong impetus from the other agencies and it was an ideal opportunity to support this.

“Creosote is being rolled out across Wealden on a localised basis and reception for it so far has been highly praised and helpful in combatting this type of crime.”

If you would like to discuss policing related issues with your local officer you can find their contact details at