Detective says Goring mum's cancer lies and £130,000 theft were '˜devastating' for her family

A detective who helped bring a Goring mum who conned her loving relatives out of more than £130,000 to justice has said her actions were '˜devastating'.

Asha Dawes was jailed for four years at Hove Crown Court
Asha Dawes was jailed for four years at Hove Crown Court

Asha Dawes, 22, of Nelson Road, lied about having cancer and faked bank statements so she could steal more than £130,000 from her loving family has been jailed, Hove Crown Court heard yesterday. Click here to read the full story.

Detective Constable Noel Simmonds said: “One of the saddest parts of this investigation was that even after Shirley and John discovered Asha stole the proceeds of their house sale, they were still looking for the money Asha claimed she had moved into a high-interest savings account.

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“They loved her, trusted her and they could not believe that she had taken so much for so long. It was several days after Asha’s arrest that they realised she had stolen the money for the savings account too.

After the sentencing Sussex Police released their mugshot of Asha Dawes

“One thing that comes across from the emails with the fake solicitors is that John and Shirley’s main concern through all of this was Asha’s welfare.

“Asha was aware of that loyalty and compassion, aware of the horrific impact on their health and psychological wellbeing but still continued to spend the money she stole from them on luxury goods.”

Members of Asha’s family were in court yesterday, where judge Shani Barnes jailed her for four years.

DC Simmonds continued: “Asha’s actions had a devastating impact on Shirley and John, as well as her great aunt and great uncle, an impact that will likely continue for the rest of their lives.

“The sentence passed provides a degree of recognition, validation, and closure that was previously denied to them, but they find no comfort in the imprisonment of a loved one.”