Dozens of new officers recruited to Sussex Police

Dozens more individuals are beginning a new career with Sussex Police.

A further 36 individuals were welcomed to the force at a recent attestation ceremony, following on from the 67 new starters in January and 59 new starters in April.

The event was held on Wednesday, June 26 at East Sussex National Hotel in Uckfield.

Of the 36 new recruits, 13 are following the Police Constable Degree Apprenticeship entry. Meanwhile 13 are joining the Police Constable Entry Programme, and ten are joining the Detective Constable Degree Holder Entry Programme.

Three of the new officers have shared why they have chosen policing as a career.

Loren Sims joined the force in May 2018 and worked as a Contact Handler after previously working in mental healthcare at an acute psychiatric hospital.

She later switched to a role as a PCSO in Eastbourne, and is now looking forward to service in a frontline role.

Loren said: “I loved being a Contact Handler, and I always knew that I wanted to eventually be on the frontline.

“I applied for PCSO and was based in Eastbourne, which I absolutely loved. I loved working in the community and made many connections with people there.

“With this role as PCSO there were some limitations in what you can and cannot do, so whenever I heard the radio call for grade one emergencies I knew it was time for me to apply to become a Police Officer.

“It was a lifelong ambition, but due to the age of my children in the past and due to there not being a Police Constable Entry Programme at the time I chose to become a PCSO instead.

“I am so glad I did, because I love working with the public and helping where I can, I have two daughters and all I want in life is for them to grow up and be taught the right way. I want to be the best role model to my children and by pursuing what I want with my life I will go on to teach them that they can be whatever they want to be if they put their mind to it.”

Meanwhile, Tom Mortland also held a lifelong ambition to become an officer, and has joined the Detective Degree Holder Entry Programme.

He said: “When I saw the Detective Degree Holder Entry Programme I jumped at the chance. I have always been interested in the law and justice, studying Law with Business at University because it was a topic of interest. I have always had an affinity with the police, with influences from my childhood neighbours who were both police officers, and loving television shows such as Police Interceptors.

“I am now excited to be able to use skills I’ve gained from hospitality and retail to use in a proactive way to serve and protect my community, in a career filled with pride and reward.”

Neil Maguinness has previously worked in a supermarket, in the fibre optic industry and in the motor trade, but always held an ambition to have a career in public service.

He said: “I’m looking forward to working outside and escaping the cage of an office. A few years ago I made the steps towards a career in the army but after evaluating what I wanted from a public service job I decided to join Sussex Police.

“With it’s more personal touch in terms of engagement and the force’s relationship with the public, was what made it the right choice for me.

I’ve always known there was something missing from my purely profit driven jobs, I wanted a job that is purpose driven and comes with a sense of duty.

“It is really important to me to feel I am contributing to the world in some way and that I leave it in a better state than I found it each day.

“I’m excited to get out there and see the reality of life, the good, the bad and everything in between. I know this career is going to be very rewarding and at the end of each day I’ll know I did something that had a significant impact on the lives of the people in the communities I work in.”

Chief Constable Jo Shiner said: “I am delighted to welcome another 36 officers to the force, and I am confident they will help us to continue to achieve our priorities of protecting communities, catching criminals and delivering an outstanding service.

“Sussex Police is a diverse and inclusive workplace, and these individuals should know that they will be valued and supported as they progress their careers with us.

“While they may come from a variety of different backgrounds, it is clear that they share one thing in common: a desire to make a difference.

“I am honoured they have chosen to represent our force and I wish them every success.”

Sussex Police & Crime Commissioner Katy Bourne added: “It is always a privilege to attend an attestation and watch new recruits swear their oath in front of senior officers, dignitaries, family and friends - it truly is a momentous occasion.

“Policing is both a challenging and rewarding career, offering many opportunities and different specialisms.

"I’m delighted that Sussex Police continues to welcome people with a wide range of experiences and professional backgrounds - helping to reflect the communities they will be serving.

“The 36 new officers who took their oath to serve the public without fear or favour, will help to strengthen our neighbourhood and response teams, protecting the vulnerable and keeping our streets safe. I look forward to watching their careers develop as they look out for our county and keep us all safe.”