Driver high on cannabis stopped in Chichester

A driver stopped for having no MOT was found to be high on cannabis as well according to a drugs wipe, police have said.

Officers stopped a vehicle in Chichester for having no MOT, police said, before noticing the car 'stank of cannabis'.

A drugs test was carried out and the vehicle was searched. The test result came back positive for cannabis and the driver was also found to be in possession of a quantity of the class B drug.

Sussex Roads Police said on Twitter: "Vehicle stopped for no mot in Chichester. The vehicle stank of cannabis so a drugs wipe and search later,

Sussex Police stock

"One in for unfit, failing drugs wipe and possession of cannabis. Strongest lines on @DrugWipeUK that I have seen in a long time #ch287 #cw426."

Police have been approached for more information.